India - Water, Sanitation and Health Care


Every year, around 200,000 people come to Delhi from the countryside looking for work. This is a city that already has a population of over eleven million. The situation is particularly drastic for people living in the slums, where there is frequently no clean drinking water, no sanitation and no medical care.

Mothers and newborn babies are particularly at risk: nearly two million children under the age of five die in India each year – most of them in the first month of their lives from easily avoidable diseases like diarrhea and chest infections. There are two main reasons for this high infant mortality rate:children and pregnant women do not have access to primary health care, basic knowledge of hygiene or health education.

Together with the international aid organization Save the Children, Knorr-Bremse Global Care is helping to improve the situation in the slums by providing access to sanitary facilities and basic medical care for children and their families and ensuring newborn babies are fed properly.

The project is also building sanitation facilities, sewage systems and wells for clean drinking water. In addition, mobile health stations are increasing the provision of medical care in the slums. As well as developing the infrastructure, the project is improving health awareness, and particularly hygiene education, among vulnerable slum-dwellers, promoting interaction with local organizations and politicians and raising awareness about public health services.

Voluntaryhealth workers have been trained in health, water, sanitation and hygiene so that they can pass on their knowledge to local people and document the number of pregnant women and newborn babies. Management and maintenance of public toilets is gradually being transferred to the local community so that they will in future take responsibility for theirown sanitation facilities.These measures will ensure the long-term, sustainable success of the project.



India - WASH

Main Focus:

New Delhi, India

Beneficiaries per year: 8,000

Estimated Costs:
EUR 300,000

Global Care Project Supervisor:
Julia Thiele-Schürhoff

Partner Organization:
Save the Children Germany

Since December 2012

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