Main area of focus - Vocational training

Vocational training in Pune, India (Picture: Enno Kapitza Photography)

This area will continue to be an important focus for us over the next years, and projects will be partly realized in collaboration with Knorr-Bremse sites where there are employees at local level whose networks and expertise the organization can depend on. Ideally, vocational training projects should be in line with the needs of the local economy, with the trainees acquiring skills that will give them a chance of finding employment.

In many developing countries, financial and also socio-cultural factors prevent young people from acquiring recognized vocational qualifications. Few countries have state-run vocational training structures that combine theoretical and practical instruction, for example like the ‘dual’ system in Germany.

With its support for vocational training programs, Global Care hopes to give young people a better chance to find work and earn a wage that enables them to lead an independent life in the long term. This includes making affordable accommodation available at the location of their training.


Vocational training in Pune, India (Picture: Enno Kapitza Photography)