Project launch of „NO LIMITS – Discover your chances!“

29 November, 2017 [Global Care]

On the last weekend of October 2017, more than 60 students came together at the Ammersee to start the project "NO LIMITS - Discover Your Chance!" of the association Dein München (meaning “Your Munich”).

In Munich, more than 30,000 children under 15 are living in families who receive social benefits. Due to their financial situation, they have limited or no access to education, culture or sport. This hinders many of them to participate in social life of the city. This is why Dein München is standing up for these children and youths. The aim of the project “NO LIMITS – Discover your chances” is to develop self-esteem and self-confidence of boys and girls who are going to the Mittelschule (equivalent to middle school). They shall also discover their talents and abilities to manage their lives independently.

The project was initiated in 2014 and is now entering its fourth year. With the support of Knorr-Bremse Global Care, “NO LIMITS” can now be realized additionally for 15 pupils in Munich.

After the application and selection phase, a big kick-off event for all students took place at the Ammersee. Alexandra Rappl, member of Global Care, participated as well and was impressed: “It is great to see how much fun the young people have. They are really grateful for this opportunity. By supporting this project, we want to show that we do not forget the people here in Munich and that we want to fulfill our responsibilities.”

In the current school year, workshops and field trips for the students take place every two weeks. The topics range from creativity and philosophical workshops to trainings with the aim of recognizing and using one’s own strengths, but also identifying obstacles which repeatedly blockades the way to their goal. The participants will meet with personalities who have an unusual career path behind them, such as: star cook Shane McMahon or Rainer Brändlein, founder and owner of “Box-Kitchen” in Munich. These contacts serve as role models for the young people. At the end of the project, a big closing event will take place. The content of the event is created by the participants themselves who will have gained a lot of courage and self-confidence during the project.