€8,775 raised for people in Somalia

26 June, 2017 [Global Care]

On last week’s KB Day, employees of the Group braved the scorching heat to carry heavy canisters of water around a course created by Global Care in order to raise money for a water project in Somalia. In total, they managed an impressive 1,775 circuits.

The event allowed people to experience for themselves the physical demands that mainly women and young girls in developing countries have to endure every day. They walk for an average of up to 6 hours a day to fetch water for their families - a total of 125 million hours worldwide. As well as missing schools, children are exposed to many dangers along the way.

Knorr-Bremse employees in Munich braved the scorching heat to carry heavy canisters of water up to 20 liters around the 26-meter course. In all, they completed an impressive 1,755 circuits. Each circuit raised 5 euros for the cause, giving a grand total of €8,775.

The Global Care team was overwhelmed by the response: "We really weren't expecting such a fantastic result. Some colleagues kept coming back, with a few so keen to help out that they did more than ten circuits. Our sincere thanks go to everyone who took part!"

In March this year, thanks to donations from Knorr-Bremse employees, Global Care had already been to send €94,000 to people in Somalia affected by the famine and water shortage caused by the severe drought there.

Since over 23 million people in Africa are still in danger of dying from starvation, the latest donation will also go to support the work in Somalia of our long-standing partners the aid organization World Vision. This includes regular examinations of children under the age of five to determine how badly malnourished they are and monitor their condition, immunization campaigns and measures against acute malnutrition, complementary feeding and vitamin A supplementation provided through mobile clinics, and treatment with de-worming medication.

For more information about World Vision and to watch a crisis appeal by the German president, visit: